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 Race Classes 
The list below contains the more
popular classes in this geographical area.

 Race Classes
 Watercross-Closed Course


 Ski Class 

     Womens Ski Ltd      
Junior Ski 10-12
     Junior Ski 13-15  

     Junior Ski 13-15 Limited

     Beginner Ski will be box stock. 1st year racers.
Novice Ski Stock  
Novice Ski GP
     Pro-Am Ski Stock     
ro-Am Ski GP
     Pro Ski 1500  




      X-2 Limited           
X-2 GP
      550 Ski Stock           
      550 Ski Super Stock
      550 Ski Modified   
      650 Ski Open 
750 Ski Open  

      Kawasaki 750(up to 02) and Yamaha Super Jet (any to 07)
Race staff will also conduct a pre-race safety inspection.
      Have your helmet and PFD with you at inspection.  

      In 2018 we added 550 Modified Ski to our Vintage Ski racing line up.
     This will open up the Vintage Ski racing to those who have put a larger motor
      in a 550 hull, plus sponsons, bigger pumps ect. 
     More information on this class in the coming weeks. 

      Vintage Class is a no contact racing event.

       For information on Vintage Ski Class rules see the rules page.


Runabout / Sport
     Novice Runabout Box Stock       
     Novice Runabout Limited    
Pro-Am Runabout Box Stock       
     Pro-Am Runabout Limited          

     Veterans Runabout Open    
     Women R/A                          
     800 Open                              
Sport Spec
     True Stock R/A***                

        ***Any turbo/supercharged R/A stock - as it came from the manufacturer.
                No contact class.

                  PAY OUT / AWARDS INFORMATION.

All Novice and Vintage classes will be awarded trophies unless other wise noted.
Less than 5 racers 1st place only.
Less than 8 racers 1st & 2nd place only. 
10 or more racers top 3 will receive awards.
16 or more racers top 5 will receive awards/payout.

All Main events will line up maximum 12 PWC in Runabout, 16 PWC in Ski.

Site Mailing List 

Great Lakes Watercross Racing
Madison, Wisconsin 53714

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